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by lagging leland


Wake up!! wake up Tim!!


I woke up to my brother Dave telling me to wake up. I sat up and saw many zombies trying to destroy the front door. I saw my brother and my Dad standing up. Both of them had guns. They kicked the door open and started to open fire. They ran outside and I could no longer see them. All I could hear was gunshots moaning and blood splatter. I sat on the bed terrified I was always the shy one that could never stand up to anyone let alone a zombie.


After a good 10 minutes of fighting My Dad and my brother walked back inside the house. They looked like they had walked through a warzone. Both of their shirts were stained in blood. My brothers lower torso was drenched. He also had a gruesome scratch mark on his neck. It was bleeding. My Dad closed the door and sat down my brother on the couch. He grabbed a first aid kit from under the bed and opened it. He grabbed sanitizer and bandages out of the kit. He told my brother to lay down. My dad poured the sanitizer on his neck wound. My brother winced in pain.The sanitizer was killing the bacteria in the cut as he yelled Dammit!! 


After the pain went away my Dad wrapped up the cut with some bandages. My brother sat up with a pissed expression. He looked at me and yelled "Why can't you pull your own dang weight around here!". My Dad and him started to argue. Dave started to yell at me saying "You're 17 you need to quit your shy guy crap and pull your own weight". Once again my Dad started to argue with him this time it got ugly. My brother threw a glass cup at the wall and charged outside slamming the door. My dad's face was full of shock. He feared what could happen to him. Dad turned to me and ordered me to stay in the house. He laid a gun next to the door and went searching for Dave. He grabbed a hunting rifle and walked outside. Locking the door one his way out. I sat down on my bed and covered myself in a blanket. I rolled into a ball and closed my eyes. 


It's been weeks since my Dad went looking for Dave. I only have a half month worth of food left. I've been thinking about trying to find food at the gas station in the next town. But I don't think I will make it. I'm starting to hear voices and screams in the distance. Every day I hear a groan in the morning that wakes me up. I hope they are okay.


It's been a full month since they left and I'm almost out of food. I can hear zombies getting closer to my house every day. I'm starting to regret not taking my chances a week ago. I have been thinking a lot about trying to get food from that gas station. I'm going to have to go if I can't hold out until Dave and Dad come back.


I can't.... I'm out of food.... I have to go to the gas station..... I have to.....


I woke up to the sound of moaning. I could hear them.... I could smell them.... They started to drag their jagged nails across the house. It sounded like someone dragging a shovel across stone. I then heard zombies trying to get through a window. I started to shake in fear. I could already picture them crawling through the window while looking at me with a deformed face. I slowly walked towards the gun my dad had left me. I grabbed the gun. The gun felt strange cause I was not used to it. The only experience I have ever had with a gun was when my dad taught me how to shoot and reload a couple of years ago. I slowly unlocked all of the locks on the door.


The door slowly opened with sunlight creeping into the room. I opened the door and walked outside. I looked around and I could see zombies all surrounding me. I raised the gun to my cheek and looked down the barrel. I aimed for the head of one of them. I fired and missed. I aimed again this time for the chest. I fired and nailed right in the chest. I gunned down a couple more but then I ran out of ammo. I pulled a couple of bullets out of my pocket and tried to reload. I struggled to reload. I felt helpless as the zombies walked towards me. I finally finished reloading. I raised the gun to my- 


I felt a sharp pain on my forearm. I looked at my arm. I saw a zombie digging it's jagged nails into my skin. I screamed in pain. I slammed the gun into its head. The zombie dropped to the floor as its nails sliced through my skin like daggers. The pain was unbearable. I screamed so loud I could hear it echo through the neighborhood. I looked beneath me. I could see the zombie reaching for my leg. I aimed the gun at the hole I made in its head. I pulled the trigger and blood splattered everywhere. I looked up and saw around 7 zombies staggering towards me. There was no way I could take them. I'm wounded....  I turned around and started to run inside. I closed the door and locked it. I started breathing hard as I walked towards my bed. I laid down and closed my eyes shut. I'm so tired I'm so scared I don't want to die I don't want to go.....


20210630_191920_HDR (1).jpg

I woke up and everything was dark. The only source of light was the window. Looking through it was a rotten undead corpse staring at me with bulging eyes. I could hear moaning and strange wet noises like someone stepping in mud. Then I could smell an indescribable stench. I sat up and looked at my arm. The wound had stopped bleeding but my arm was drenched in dry blood. I  looked around the room. I could see the gun lying on the floor next to it was a dry bloodtrail. It was mine. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror on the wall. My face was covered in dry crusty blood. I could hear more zombies surrounding the house. I looked back at the window. The zombie was still there staring at me but he wasn't attacking he just stared.


I walked to the couch and picked up the first aid kit. It was in the same place my Dad had left it. I opened it and grabbed a lot of bandages. I wrapped up my arm with them. I sat down on the couch and thought about what I could do to defend myself. A wave of guilt and anxiety hit me. It was only now that I realized all of this is my fault.... Dave got hurt because of me.... Dad went after him because of me.... This is all my fault. I don't know what to do. Their outside stalking me. I could've been killed yesterday. I can't wait anymore Dave and Dad aren't coming back. I stood up and looked at the gun on the floor and picked it up. I dug into my pocket and grabbed some bullets. I loaded the gun and looked towards the window. The zombie was still staring at me. I aimed for the head and pulled the trigger. Direct hit. This is it it's time I man up. It's time I face them. I walked to the door and opened it.

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